Whether you're looking for brand name products, or a partner with the experience to meet your OEM/ODM proucts needs, we can help. We manufacture 300,000 products per month, of which over 80 percent is sourced by buyers in Europe and the US. We can deliver on your sourcing requirements too.

Our R&D team leverage its fifteen years of expertise to bring you 30 new items every year - all ready for your OEM needs. Choose from our range of fishing waders, wet suits, camouflage clothings and any neoprene products.

We assures our customers with professional skill & knowledge with competitive pricing. Feel free to browse our site, but do keep in mind, this is only a fraction of the products that we make.

If you do not find what you are looking for, want to turn an idea into actual product, or simply just interested in a quotation of a current existing product, just contact us either by phone, e-mail or fax. One of our sales representatives will get back to you within 1~2 business days.